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Creative Marketing and Communication Solutions for a New Media World

Every agency claims that it is creative in design and thought, but the foundation of Rogue Wave’s success is centered on a creative team and culture that is completely dedicated to developing unique business solutions and exceptional marketing and communications that not only generate new business, but present you and your company as leaders in the competitive field or market.   
Successful creativity involves developing and using a number of our proven formulas and templates that help us   “connect the dots” that others don’t. Brilliance in the development of a simple but perfect solution can come in the form of a single catch phrase for an award winning tech campaign like “Will that be cash or cell phone?”

It also involves taking time and stepping back to look at challenges and not just plowing forward with your head down the way a lot of companies do it.  Doing things by the numbers just to get something done doesn’t cut it.  One blue sky session isn’t the answer, it involves an ongoing cultural dedication to creativity that we not only use, but share with you and your team.

Rogue Wave also provides training session for its partners to train their teams to relax and think beyond the box and think like they have never thought before.

New Media Relations Capabilities
With a foundation in a traditional public relations practice, Rogue Wave has been an early innovator in developing new media content to augment its customers outreach to the New Media and its social counter parts. We have found success in a new “self publishing” environment that frees up companies to get their message out in creative ways without the harness of the traditional media.



Public Relations
Going Beyond the Press Release

Rogue Wave focuses on the “art of the media pitch” that truly gets you the best coverage in a wide variety of targeted media.  While we do not believe that the press release is dead, we find that it is on “life support” and that a truly creative pitch is at the core of a company’s PR success.  Drilling down and asking the right questions to get the best story angles that the media will cover are a trademark of Rogue Wave’s success.