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Joseph Dans

Joseph Dans has more than 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing to promote general business products and services, technology, Credit Union Services, banking at the corporate and agency level. Dans oversees Rogue’s PR, New Media and Creative Services practices and still continues to be a “hands on” member of account management. Joe is a pioneer in creative thought and YouTube component tactics. He maintains the group’s “beyond the box” culture. Prior to working at Rogue, Joe worked as a Director of Accounts with Tech PR Firm Fusion Public Relations, a VP of Marketing with Provident Bankcorp, a Vice President with Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, an AVP with Chase Home Mortgage and as a consultant to Citicorp and BMW.
His campaign successes have been documented in Technology Marketing Magazine, BtoB Magazine and PR Week. He won a Gold Marcom Creativity Award in 2006 and still holds an agency record for his “Cell Phone Test Dummy” campaign that resulted in record for more than 300 hits worldwide. He has a BA in Political Science, an MBA in Marketing, and a Credit Union Executives Society Executive degree. Joe also speaks Spanish.

Joseph Dans

President & Sr. Creative Director of Rogue Wave Creative Group Rogue Wave New Media & Public Relations