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Saving the Family Album

ogue was challenged by a not for profit group called OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association) to build a NY /NJ regional (and then national) PR campaign to create awareness about the value of using DVD’s and CD’s. OSTA membership consisted of executives from top companies like Panasonic, Sony and Verbatim with whom it worked to build the campaign. A Panasonic spokesman was the prime liaison during the campaign. To meet the challenge Rogue built a strategic educational Website and a creative infrastructure for coverage centered on a Saving the Family Album campaign that obtained front page coverage in weekly and regional newspapers, not to mention extensive coverage on regional radio and TV

The heart of the campaign’s success was the creative campaign concept development and deployment that created a Win Win scenario that educated students, addressed a consumer problem, obtained positive coverage for the commercial members of a not for profit group with a rather aging and mundane product. Rogue carefully built a strong PR infrastructure based on the technology’s use by Churches, Schools and Senior Citizen’s groups it developed to promote the campaign, get people to attend seminars and steer them to the educational site to preserve their memories. By making the project one for students to bring home, Rogue insured that whole families would be involved and motivated to help the project and make it viral. In a text messaging age, the campaign helped church members hold events that promoted socialization amongst the generations. Students also sent provided disks with the album on it to family members.

The same successful formula was then used in places across the country like New Orleans and California to obtain coverage, educate participants and drive them to the website. The effort was made viral as more schools, churches and senior groups decided to participate based on coverage in national media as well. This effort involved more than the usual planning and required relationship building with agencies and groups that made it successful…not your average PR firm fare.


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