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NeighborWorks NJ Foreclosure Awareness Campaign 2008

Rogue PR was instrumental in developing and implementing a comparable and very successful “foreclosure awareness” PR campaign in neighboring New Jersey that would closely mirror the proposed PAC effort in tactics and objectives. To generate the campaign success, the Rogue team coordinated PR and word of mouth outreach by working hand in hand with a host of local foreclosure support agencies, churches, political leaders (Trenton Mayor Palmer), the New Jersey Home Mortgage Finance Agency (Executive Director Marge Della Vecchia) and NeighborWorks (Susan Jouard and Nancy Boatwright), just to name a few. By using aggressive pitching, editorial writing, press releases, a viral word of mouth campaign, the effort droves thousands not only to seek help on the Hope Hotline (directing them to agencies) but to attend two immense foreclosure prevention and counseling events set up with lenders, and support agencies for loan remediation in Newark and Mount Laurel.

Strong pitching resulted in successful and extensive coverage targeted toward New Jersey’s top mass media outlets which notably included the Newark Star Ledger, New Jersey Network News (NJN), WMBC News, WOR Channel 9 and Telemundo’s Morning News. Rogue became the first agency to use its inhouse New Media capability to document the event through a series of 25 interviews conducted for internal use and distribution via YouTube. Interviews utilizing message sensitive Q&A’s were conducted amongst a wide range of participants which included supporting Pastors, Mayors, legal advisors, agency counselors, realtors, government agency spokesman and consumers in danger of losing their homes (See NeighborWorks Foreclosure Campaign hits at htpp:// for a sampling). It was estimated that the PR campaign reached roughly 2/3 of New Jersey’s 8. 7 million people (with comparable ad values based on a 2.5 multiplier used by a Panasonic client of more than $350,000 value considerably in excess of the PR retainer)…not to mention the viral nature of web placed YouTube content. Some of the TV features and coverage lasted in excess of four minutes.

The proposed Rogue team available is completely intact from this campaign and is very familiar with all the key issues involved in a foreclosure campaign and would need virtually no ramp up time to deploy one again quickly and efficiently. The same group used its special background (Hispanic, Banking, Mortgage Banking and Social Work) to successfully establish relations with government agencies and community foreclosure support groups working in the inner cities to generate great stories and pitches. Of our proposed team, three of its members also speaks Spanish which was very helpful in the NeighborWorks campaign and will be moving forward. Rogue’s Web and Advertising team was also in the loop and familiar with the campaign and its issues.

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