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Rogue Wave Creative Group, Inc.
Rogue Wave New Media & Public Relations
Suite 100, 24 Ridgefield Road, Warwick, NY 10990

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Mission and History

The Rogue Wave Creative Group, Inc. is located in Warwick, NY and was established in 2006. Since its inception, the group has provided its clients with a uniquely flexible and diverse team of creative people dedicated to solving today’s organization’s business and Marketing Communication challenges in an ever changing world of New Media and technology. Rogue provides a combination of Think Tank and MarCom Services using an eclectic team of creative professionals to help organizations and companies “boil the ocean”, elevating their core marketing and public relations capabilities to levels they have not seen before. Each member of the Rogue team has been vetted for his or her creative approach to challenges in a world that recognizes only one constant: Change, and the need to adapt to it with creativity as the edge.

The handpicked mix of people come from a variety of disciplines which include: Technology, Advertising, Public Relations, New Media Relations, Web Design, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Online Retailing, Healthcare, Social Work, Programming, the Art World, Banking, Education, Credit Union Services, Music, Economics, Fashion, Government, the Law and Video Production.

Rogue’s MarCom award winning team has found a very special niche in successfully branding and introducing Canadian companies into the US and global market places. The group also has members that speak Spanish and has also specialized in conducting regional media awareness campaigns in the NY Tri-state Area like it did when it successfully provided outstanding PR and New Media support as a contractor for NeighborWorks and the State of New Jersey’s Foreclosure Campaign in 2008.

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